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マジコ カタストロフィ / Mágico Catástrofe by Shibayan Records

Overall Score: 8/10

Release Year: 2012
Genre: Techno, Nu-disco

What I Liked:
-The songs all sound good overall.
-I'm a sucker for bass being loud in the mix
-"雨はりらりら" (Track 6)
-All the keyboard/synth solos
-Some guitar mixed with the techno sound (not just synth and vocals)

What I Disliked:
-The songs really drag on (I mean, REALLY drag on.)
-The intro to "Clockup Flowers" (Track 5) can be WAY too loud if you're not careful. I wonder if I have a weird version of the song.

1. 雲がくれにし夜半の月かな
2. Fall in the Dark
3. Curse mind
4. Myoisia
5. Clockup Flowers
6. 雨はりらりら
7. いつか見たもの
8. ・-・・ --- ・・・- ・

Overall, it is pretty good. It is best (as most techno music, in my opinion) as background music when doing something else. For that it is good, but if you want to listen to it straight up, you might find that most of the songs are longer than they need to be.
Favourite Track: 雨はりらりら

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