Manga Reviews

Prunus Girl

Overall Score: 10/10

Release Year: 2009-2013
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Trap
Date I completed: 2017-7-29

I usually don't like romance, particularly, but I really liked this manga. It's true that most of the chapters, as some have criticized, have little story, because the story does not progress linearly, per-se, but is slice-of-life-like in that way. It just slightly progresses the main characters' relationship, but doesn't have an overarching story, except "Maki likes Kizuna but won't admit it to himself, until he does. Kizuna likes Maki the whole time, but doesn't say it, but it's pretty obvious." If I, personally, wrote that story, it probably wouldn't be even half as long, chapter-wise, so maybe it is filler-like, but the enjoyment of each chapter comes from the comedy and character interactions, and mostly Kizuna. So, if you don't want the comedy and just like romance, you will probably hate most of this manga. For me, though, the comedy and slight, somewhat overused "I don't want to admit I'm in love" but still friendly and close relationship between the main characters, give this manga a 9, but the whole thing was so well written, in my opinion, and the last two chapters (before chapter 43) bump it up to a 10. I'm so sick of watching harem anime where the protagonist never gets together with anyone, and the whole choice thing bothers me, but in this manga, there is no choice and a very clear end where the two characters that have really been in love from the beginning, and seem perfect for each other, finally start dating and it actually feels like a complete story. But yeah, it could have been shorter.