Video Game Review

Until Dawn

Overall Score: 6/10

Release Year: 2015
Date I Finished: 2017-7-14
Genre: Horror, Cutscene

What I Liked:
-The Story
-The characters
-The length
-Peter Stormare

What I Disliked:
-The limited interactivity
-The cinematic focus

This is a really strange game to talk about, because my opinion about is it not very straightforward. At first, I strongly disliked it, then gradually grew to like it, but I still don't think that this game really succeeds fully as a "game". Here's the thing about it: It's kind of in a weird purgatory state, in my opinion. Like I said, it's not completely designed to be a game, so it feels like a movie with the mountains of cutscenes and clear focus on story and characters, but it would never work as a movie because the entire point of the game (which they really hammer in for the people who don't get it) is the "butterfly effect" and how your actions affect the story. That being said, I thought that the story and characters were interesting, and the game wasn't so long that I felt like it was a chore to play it. And it was very well made. I also found an article online which definitely describes some of the things that I feel about this game. Here is the link to said article. Specifically, "The knowledge that death is basically always on the table makes your every action feel consequential." is definitely true. And I also agree that while quick-time events suck most of the time, they are fitting and (usually) well-used in this game. As I said earlier, the article points out that while the game has a lot of content, it isn't "so long that you couldn’t knock it out over a couple of lengthy play sessions..." (which is what I did). And yes, I do remember who died and how, specifically. (Although I have to say, it says I'll "Definitely recognize" the actors, but I only knew one before playing the game.) So, I can't entirely give this game props for gameplay, because the gameplay is mainly walking around and interacting with things or quicktime events, but it wasn't bad, and I think I did have fun playing it.