Game Review


Overall Score: 10/10

Release Year: 2016
Genre: 2D Shooter, Stealth

What I Liked:
-Looks good
-Awesome music
-Very fun
-Challenging but doable
-Doesn't get repetitive
-Comes with a level maker
-Achievements can (albiet somewhat minor-ly) affect the game
-Well-designed levels.

What I Disliked:
-Runnning to the weapon guy on the Docks takes way too much time, for no apparent reason.

What a great game. This Steam review perfectly summarizes what I think about this game, (though I've never played any of the other games he talks about). I don't think that I found anything substantial about this game to be bad. This seriously became very quickly one of my favourite games of all time. First of all, it looks really good for pixel graphics (stylized). I like that it's hard but it never feels impossible, and it introduces new concepts all the way until the end. I like that (most of) the achievements are actually challenging as opposed to "Clear [tutorial/any given level]". It seems like they (he?) put a lot of thought into this game and that, I think, makes it very good.