Anime Review

Teekyuu (Seasons 1-8)

Overall Score: 8/10

Release Year: 2012-2016
My Completion Date: 2017-2-24
Genre: Comedy, Sports

What I Liked:
-Very funny at times
-Doesn't waste your time

What I Disliked:
-Hard to keep up
-After many episodes, it can become somewhat predictable
-Seems way too random at points. I know that having non-sequiturs is kind of this show's thing, but sometimes there is seemingly zero logic put in, as if they just wrote the first word that came to their heads because they had to have a joke there.

This is a pretty good show. It can be hilarious when it wants to be, and doesn't try to have weird tonal shifts (i.e. comedy->serious and vice versa) unless it's for a joke. This isn't really a sports show, but all of the main characters are in a tennis club, so it has some sports-related jokes in the mix. The most different thing about any season from another is the Opening (OP). The first three were pretty good, and then I didn't really like any of them until season 7. All in all, though, it's pretty inconsequential because it's just the OP. But, since it takes up one-quarter of the air time, it's probably better if it's enjoyable. I like that season 8 had two different OPs. I think that this is the perfect show for someone who likes to binge-watch shows and also likes fast-paced comedy, because all episodes are two minutes long, so with twelve episodes per season, that's the same length as eight episodes of a normal-length anime. But, you will probably have to be able to either read very fast, or accept that you will probably miss some jokes, but several more are just around the corner.