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Serial Experiments Lain

Overall Score: 10/10

Release Year: 1998
My Completion Date: Mid-November 2016
Genre: Psychological

What I Liked:
-Interesting story
-Interesting characters
-Ambiguous setting (Future or present? We don't know and it's not really important)
-Didn't feel like it was pushing a mindset or morals on you, just focussing on the story, tone, and
-The opening (OP) was in English, which is not very common
-Good music (Especially "Wind of Space and Time")
-Nice character designs
-They didn't try to elongate the story for no reason
-The first half of "Infornography", as well as the name
-Very well put together
-Consistant tone
-I found the imperfect voice acting to be charming.

What I Disliked:
-It could have been shorter, and had similar impact
-There were some things that weren't obvious to me, but it may be my fault. (e.g. In episode 8 ("Rumors"), when Alice was 'flicking the bean', so to speak, it looks like her hand is just on her leg. I knew what they were talking about, but I didn't realise she was doing it at that moment. I probably zoned out at that part.)

Overall, pretty interesting and well made. I liked the characters and their designs. Everything that happened really made me want to watch the next episode, but there are some episodes that can really be skipped over for the most part as their content is not very important to the overall story. However, it is still the first anime I've ever bought the DVD for, so take that how you will.

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