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Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken

Phantom Blood (Season 1 ep. 1-9)

Overall Score: 9/10

Release Year: 2012
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shonen
Completion Date: 2017-3-14

What I Liked:
-It's over-the-top, but still takes itself seriously
-Unique art style
-The OP and ED
-Speedwagon's mullet
-The music (BGM)

What I Disliked:
-They explain everything that's going on

This anime has a huge following, so what can I say that hasn't already been said? I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what I was going to think because I generally don't like action/shonen anime and I had heard it was pretty violent. I was always curious due to the hype, though. The thing that convinced me to watch it, was this video series on YouTube. I recommend anyone to watch it, whether you've seen Jojo or not.

Anyway, the show itself was pretty enjoyable. I wasn't particularly invested, (i.e. I didn't really care when characters died (except Dire. (RIP))) but it was very fun and it was well made. In other words, the story isn't particulary good but it's presented quite well. Although, realistically, they should have called it "Speedwagon's Bizarre Sense of Being Able to Know Everything That's Going On and Yet Choosing Not to Help or He Just Can't but Still Tags Along With Jojo." I think they thought that was too long, though. The best part is, Speedwagon was just useful enough that the story would have been different had he not been there, but I still question why Araki put him in to begin with. I like Speedwagon, though. I guess he brings the atmosphere up when it needs to be up?, however he is just annoying when he describes in detail the situation as if the target audience can't understand or see with their eyes. Another thing is the violence. I normally dislike violence/gore, but I think it was done well in this case. The difference between this and something like, say, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is that Jojo doesn't feel like it's trying to be violent just for the hell of it, or to appeal to some audience. It just is. Of course, the OP and ED are great. Nothing more to say. I'm excited to watch Battle Tendency.

Battle Tendency (Season 1 ep. 10-26)

Overall Score: 10/10

Release Year: 2012
Completion Date: 2017-3-26

What I Liked:
-The OP
-The ending
-There is less ovious explanations (proably because Speedwagon isn't there most of the time)

First thing's first, this was miles ahead of Phantom Blood. I had never even heard of Battle Tendency until just before I started watching Jojo (I honestly thought that Diamond is Unbreakable was the third arc), but now it is my favourite of the two arcs I've seen. I'm not excited for two entire seasons of Stardust Crusaders, but if the quality is the same or similar to this then I will definitely finish all of it. Battle Tendency was mostly the same as Phantom Blood except for the story, which was more interesting, and the characters, which were more likeable. Except for Messina. I don't know how he even survived, or why. It seemed like there were a lot less explanations of obvious things, which is really what held Phantom Blood back in terms of presentation, because that happening was just irritating. Now we just have no idea what Jojo is thinking when he comes up with a plan, or how he knows what people are going to say, but I think that's mostly more interesting, though sometimes it seems really far-fetched and almost too convenient. I still really enjoyed it though, and this arc is what puts Jojo in my Favourites on MAL. Do I think that it was better than Serial Experiments Lain? I'm not sure. It's hard to say for me, because I enjoyed them both for different reasons, and they're different kinds of shows. Do I think it was better than the other shows in front of it? Yes, but my way of determining a "favourite" is how much I enjoyed it, and since I'm a bit sentimental, most of the anime on that list have a lot of nostalgic value to me, so it's hard for me to say that I enjoyed it more in comparison (Hopefully that makes any sense at all).

Stardust Crusaders (Seasons 2 & 3)

Overall Score: 10/10

Release Year: 2014 & 2015
Completion Date: 2017-5-29

This part is kind of mixed for me, but is absolutely amazing in its own right. This part is marginally longer than both of the other parts, and its made up mostly of battles with one stand user at once, which makes it feel like its dragging on, even by the end of the first season. But, the second season has stand users that are a lot more interesting, so I got really into it more around the time D'Arby showed up (the older one). I really like how unconventional that fight is. Then, in the fight against Vanilla Ice, it actually felt more and more hopeless the longer it went on, as it was supposed to, but it definitely got that across more than the manga did. The consecutive fights with Vanilla Ice and Dio (or is it DIO?) really do feel like an epic ending. Granted, Vanilla Ice wasn't particularly important in his prior relationship to the characters (like Dio is), but he is the only person aside from Dio to get a 3-parter and he did singlehandedly kill both Avdol and Iggy, so yeah, Vanilla Ice's and Dio's battles really flow into each other. Even from Pet Shop, since all of that pretty much covers the entire time they were "at" the mansion. All of the other stand battles felt disjointed (to each other) and unimportant, with a few exceptions (Polnareff, Hol Horse, J. Geil, etc.). Anyway, I think that the battle with Dio really feels like a final battle, after 100 years of fighting and it all comes to an end; And the fight itself is really epic. Honestly, due to this, I think that the entire series should have ended there, as it was planned to. Manga-wise, as I expected, this song really fits with a final battle-type scenario, and made it infinitely more badass than it already wouid have been. Basically, if it were shorter, it would be perfect. But, the final chapters (episodes, in this context) make up for pretty much everything else. I've already read Diamond is Unbreakable, so I know that the length issue doesn't really get solved there, but I'm interested in seeing it animated.

UPDATE: I have seen a lot of people say that the final battle in Stardust Crusaders is a huge "asspull" or "plot armour", and I can't really disagree with that, because it does kind of come out of nowhere. However, I still feel the need to defend it since I enjoy it so much. First of all, there are a few theories that I like, but aren't actually canon. 1) Star Platinum can do whatever Jotaro thinks it can do. This means Dio puts the idea of the time stop in Jotaro's head, and pretty much causes his own defeat, but it also means that Star Platinum is incredibly overpowered. 2) Dio has the ability to do use any stand power that the Joestar bloodline can use. This explains how he can use Hermit Purple at the beginning of the part, and would also mean that stopping time is actually probably Jotaro's power, rather than Dio's. But, it also means that he can use Crazy Diamond's power, and probably all of his son's powers, which he never makes use of (probably not Jolyne's power, since I don't think she was born yet). Granted, none of them had been thought up yet, because they were in later parts, and he probably didn't know any of those people existed. As far as non-theories go, there is little defense to be had. This is a personal thing, but I like the idea of Jotaro using the time stop because he's basically using Dio's own power against him, so Dio's power caused his own demise. But yeah, it's an asspull.

Diamond is Unbreakable (Season 4)

Overall Score: 8/10

Release Year: 2016
Completion Date: 2017-8-20

I don't like Diamond is Unbreakable, but I like this anime. It proves to be that a well-done anime is infinitely better than the manga in every way. Adding colour (although in this case I read it in colour), voices, animation, and sound (effects and music) make it easy to tell what is happening and process it, as well as have a quicker pacing that can more easily capture a person's attention, and more easily convey the emotion you want to. That being said, this is a well-made adaptation. All of the things I just said are things that I think apply to this anime. The main reason I didn't like part 4 is that it's unnecesarily long, just like part 3, but the stand battles seem even more useless. That's pretty much it, but that goes a long way, since the series is mostly based on one-on-one stand battles that don't lead anywhere on their own. However, as I said, the quicker pace of the anime compared to my manga reading speed, and the music and everything else, made it much more interesting to watch than to read. I want to now bring up the OPs and ED. I like all of the OPs, but what do people not like about Chase? In my opinion, it is the most fitting for Jojo's of all the part 4 OPs. Crazy Noisy Bizzare Town and Great Days are good (Great Days is a lot better), but they don't fit with what Jojo's is, has been, or became after DiU. The only one I don't like is the Crazy Noisy Bizzare Town EDM remix. That's the only time I've ever skipped a Jojo's OP. Last and definitely least, I preferred Kira's original design. It makes sense that he had to hide himself, but I just liked the blonde hair and everything more.

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