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Hibike! Euphonium

Overall Score: 9/10

Release Year: 2015
Genre: Music
Date I completed: 2017-4-1

What I Liked:
-Cute (at times)
-Compelling story
-The music (naturally) (not the BGM as much, though)
-Good animation
-Seemingly detailed instruments
-OP and ED
-Seemingly realistic characters

As a few have, I was basically expecting this show to be K-On! of brass instruments. I think that I would have been fine if it was, but I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed myself as much as I actually did. This show does everything well, as far as I can tell (though I have practically no experience with any instrument that doesn't have strings). I do think that it told a compelling story, while still having bits of comedy. I thought based on the OP and ED that it was going to focus more on character relationships (i.e. Kumiko and Reina), but I think it's better that it was focussed almost entirely on the music and the playing aspect of it, and it accomplishes that very well. Even the summary on MAL says "...find romance...", as if that's something that any of the main characters do in this show. Anyway, I like that Kumiko was (for me, personally) relatable, in the way that she is portrayed, which made the story even more compelling. Regarding this, all of the charcters seem to be pretty realistic, which I liked (though it's still fiction, so suspension of disbelief is a given). Unfortunately, the "movie" is just a recap. I was looking forward to watching it, but oh well, I still have season 2.

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