Anime Reviews

Code Geass

Overall Score: 98/100

Release Year: 2006, 2008
Genre: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Superpower

Season One

Overall: 97

Story: 90
Very interesting. It’s relatively political (fictional politics obviously), but I mostly ignored that kind of stuff and I understood the story fine. The main thing I like about this story is how it doesn’t always play out like you might expect. Since it doesn’t explain everything to you, it can just pull stuff out of nowhere that makes sense but also “twists” the plot in a surprising way. Once you finish season two, you can tell they had the whole thing (or at least most of it) planned ahead of time, because everything important starts developing early. I don’t like the ending of this season, though.

Art: 78
The art overall looks okay, most everything except the characters is not particularly stylized, so it’s not really good or bad, but I do like the character designs, although some people don’t. I guess I’ve always liked that kind of tall and lanky way of drawing anime characters, but it’s not for everyone.

Sound: 87
The soundtrack is mostly unnoticeable to me, with the exception of one or two tracks that are really good. The voice acting was pretty good, again, no problems but nothing stuck out to me. The OP’s and ED’s for some reason always felt out of place, but one I got used to them, I thought they were amazing (except OP 3), but some are better than others.

Characters: 81
The characters themselves are fairly good, they aren’t one-dimensional, and even seemingly unimportant characters are fairly developed in the first half of the season. I’m not one to talk about character designs, but I never thought a design was completely un-fitting of a character, regardless of how they are all drawn. Since the show is two 25-episode seasons, character development happens relatively slowly, thus the seemingly low score.

Enjoyment: 98
I did really enjoy this show a lot. There is nothing really impactful that I actually disliked. I’m not a big fan of the mecha genre, but it’s not a mecha show, per-se, it’s more focused on the character interactions and psychology, and characters fight in more ways than just one. This is the only philosophy-heavy show where that didn’t feel forced to me. I can actually get behind some of it, and even when you can’t relate, you know why they feel the way they do, but it also doesn’t feel like the show is trying to impart values on me, the characters just have reasons, i.e. motivations, that are clearly explained and, like I said, make sense given their circumstances.

Season Two

Overall: 98

Story: 97
At first, the story for this season is not so good. I didn’t like certain new characters, but everything falls into its place eventually.

Art: Identical to season one

Sound: Identical to season one, minus the OPs and EDs. OP and ED 1 of season one will always be the classics, but both of the second songs for this season are actually pretty good.

Characters: Mostly identical to season one, in terms of how they’re handled. Character development was had.

Enjoyment: 100
I enjoyed this season a lot, while it doesn’t start off strong, and mostly everything is handled the same as season one (hence not much to say), the reason I like this season better is the same reason as Jojo’s Part 3, an ending that completely blew me away, though the Code Geass ending is actually well written. In my opinion, the ending of this season is the best possible ending they could have written, and makes the entire show worth watching. It almost makes me sad that they are making a season 3, but if it is written as well as this one is I think they can pull it off. My advice for Code Geass: Avoid spoilers AT ALL COSTS, it will GREATLY diminish your experience, esp. towards the end.