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Angel Beats

Overall Score: 10/10

Release Year: 2010
My Completion Date: 2017-5-9
Genres: Drama, Action, Comedy, Supernatural

This is the absolute best show that I've ever watched. Honestly it's just 'really good' for the first 6 episodes, then it goes to 'great', but the last two episodes make it 'absolute masterpiece'. Sure, it gets a little talky toward the end, but it's really worth it 100%. I cannot reccommend this anime enough, honestly. The only thing that I disliked about it was that it didn't feel like Kanade and Otonashi's relationship was solved by the end, since the last thing said was Otonashi yelling her name... but, it stil somehow manages to feel wrapped up nicely, in the ED of all places (and the scene after). Watch it. Seriously.

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