News: January 2017

19 January 2017:
-Made a account here. I won't be linking it in My Other Accounts until it has content, however.
-Listened to and reviewed The Mollusk by Ween.

17 January 2017:
-Added a Thoughts page.

15 January 2017:
-Added a NSFW Recommended Videos section to the Videos page. Don't take it too seriously.

12 January 2017:
-Fixed the Navigation bar
-Added an image to the Funny Images page, formerly Funny Image
-Surpassed 10,000 views!!!x Thanks to everyone that viewed!!

9 January 2017:
-Updated the layout of the About page to look better on desktop computers while staying classy on mobile.
-Finished updating the News system. Hopefully it's easier to use than it was to create!
-Updated the Index with some info about me and the site (not stuff on About)

8 January 2017:
-Finished setting up my Tumblr
-Official launch of my Tumblr blog! The updates there will probably be more relevant in general than the ones here.
-Spent at least 30min. fixing undesirable markup on various pages... I guess that's my fault though lol
-Added a Sitemap for better organisation
-Started changing the way the News page works.
-Changed image on About page
-Removed the New Year theme from the Index page.
-Added To-Do list on the Index.

7 January 2017:
-Started setting up my Tumblr blog with CUSTOM HTML! Way harder than I imagined.

6 January 2017:
-Uploaded demos to Soundcloud.
-Added Music page and added it to Navigation

5 January 2017:
-Fixed the layout of the About page

3 January 2017:
-Changed the way the Reviews system looks. They are separated into different (s)categories.
-Reviewed Serial Experiments Lain
-Reviewed マジコ カタストロフィ / Mágico Catástrofe by Shibayan
-Reviewed Skullgirls
-Added a Soundcloud link to the My Other Accounts page

2 January 2017:
-Updated layout of About page, content is the same.
-Got 7,500 views!x
-Fixed layout of various pages.

1 January 2017:
-Happy New Year!
-Added New Year's Day themed Index with a Touhou image.
-Changed the layout of most pages, with a layout generated by
-Added Links page

xAccording to Neocities stats. Check the Thank You page.