News: Nov. and Dec. 2016

31 December 2016:
-Added the Public Access page (a guestbook)

30 December 2016:
-Added new links to My Other Accounts and Contact pages.
-Added to About>About the Author>Interests.
-Listened to Lebenstrieb & Todestrieb by Demetori and reviewed it.
-Slightly reformatted the Reviews page.

27 and 28 December 2016
-Got 5,000 views!!!x
-Attempted to update the About page with some weird CSS for 2+ hours.
It didn't really work as I'd like, but it's good enough.

26 December 2016
-00:00: Removed Christmas theme from Index.

25 December 2016
-00:00: Merry Merry Christmas!!!
Merry merry merry Christmas!!!
Merry merry Merry's Christma-

-Added Christmas themed Index starring Usami Renko from Touhou Project.

24 December 2016:
-Updated Index with my Twitter feed.
-Updated the Nav. Bar on all indexed pages.

23 December 2016:
-Uploaded a video to YouTube.
-Added Videos.
-Added a page to verify my website with my YouTube account.

22 December 2016:
-Changed layout of Index (again).
-Added Navigation bar on the bottom of every page (Except Index, where it's at the top).

18 December 2016:
-Changed layout of Index.
-Added My Other Accounts.
-Replaced Movie Reviews with Reviews to save space.
-Got 2,500 viewsx.
Neocities may be counting my own views (when editing), but I hope not...

16 December 2016:
-Added various bits of HTML to improve formatting.
-Saw Rogue One.
-Added Movie Reviews

15 December 2016:
-Finished midterms!
-Added Food

14 December 2016:
-Added News
-Created my Facebook page, linked from Index
-Added Contact

13 December 2016:
-Got 1,000 views.x Whoops

Between 11-3 and 12-13:
-Created my first pages (before Index)
-Added Index
-Added About
-Added Funny Image
-Got 100, 250, 500 viewsx.

2 November 2016:
-Website created! And I learnt my first bits about HTML.

xAccording to Neocities stats. Check the Thank You page