Here is where you can find links to where I get the content that I don't make, with where I used them.
For images, I try to make them a link anyway so that if you click the image, it will take you to the source, but I will still link them here.

Image and crossfade for all Demetori albums (On Reviews): Demetori's official website
Christmas picture (was on Index, I also tweeted it): ピュエンテ on Pixiv
Picture of Hijiri Byakuren (previously on About): Lyiet on DeviantArt
Other picture of Hijiri (on Thank You page and About): Carcharias on (specific page)
New Year picture (on Index): Vittorio Veneto on Pixiv
Image for Mágico Catástrofe by Shibayan (On Reviews): Shibayan's official website
Image on local Public Access page: Pas on Twitter

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