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A little info:
I created this website because why not? I think I just wanted to see if I could.
I saw fauux's Neocities site and looked into Neocities. I thought that it seemed much better in a few ways than Wordpress or Tumblr. I would months later find out that Tumblr actually does let you put in custom HTML and took advantage of that to integrate it into this site.

As stated on my Tumblr description (which is not really visible under normal circumstances), I'm somewhat of a dilettante when it comes to web design. I think it's very interesting, but not something I woud want to become professional at. So, more of a hobby.

All I hope to accomplish is making something that will capture your attention, if only for a moment. I try to update this site whenever I have an idea, so look around and, thank you for reading this and viewing my site!

— Fyron

To do:
    -Add more content in general.
    -Increase efficiency of site if possible